Information For Physicians

Information For Physicians

iCannabisCanada holds the medical profession in the highest regard. As such, we closely follow the latest in research regarding Cannabis and its efficiency at alleviating the chronic neuropathic pain associated with sever medical conditions and diseases.

For those physicians new to recommending medical marijuana, we have developed this page for you along with our FAQ’s page. We are a resource to to promote and educate not only patients but also the medical community.

We welcome all inquiries about the growing process and method of supply and look forward to working closely with you in offering your patients the strains and quantities of medical marijuana best suited to their individual condition, prognosis and symptoms.

From Health Canada

If you are a licensed healthcare practitioner and you want to know more about the use of marijuana for medical purposes (for example, pharmacology, risks, purported clinical indications, contraindications, etc.) the following resources will provide you with scientific and medical information to help you in discussions with your patients.

If you and your patient conclude that marijuana for medical purposes is an appropriate option for her/him, you will need to complete a medical document (or other document containing the same information). For additional application requirements, you can direct your patient to the section How to Access Dried Marijuana for Medical Purposes.

When you discuss daily amount with your patient, it is useful to remember that the recommended daily amount dictates the total amount the patient will be authorized to possess.

Various surveys published in the peer-reviewed scientific and medical literature have suggested that the majority of people using smoked or orally ingested cannabis for therapeutic purposes reported using approximately 1-3 g of dried cannabis per day.

While there are no restrictions under the new Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulationson the daily amount that you may authorize, there is a possession cap of the lesser of 150 grams or 30 times the daily amount.

Currently, health Canada has approved marijuana for any symptom treated within the context of compassionate end-of-life care,


Symptoms related to specific medical conditions, namely:

•   Severe pain and/or persistent muscle spasms from multiple sclerosis

•   Severe pain and/or persistent muscle spasms from a spinal cord injury

•   Severe pain and/or persistent muscle spasms from a spinal cord disease

•   Severe pain, cachexia, anorexia, weight loss, and/or severe nausea from cancer

In addition to the diseases mentioned above, medicinal marijuana can also be used to treat a variety of other illnesses. The health Canada website provides excellent educational information on a variety of conditions which medicinal marijuana may be used safely to treat which can be found here.

Medical marijuana effective medication with an excellent safety profile compared to other medications which can be utilized to alleviate pain and suffering for many of his patients. We are dedicated to assisting patients who are helped by the use of marijuana, by arranging for them to meet with a qualified practitioners who has an understanding of cannabis and cannabis-derived medicines, and guiding them through the process of becoming legal users in accordance with Health Canada’s Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR). We also work with physicians across canada to assist them in prescribing medicinal marijuana in all provinces via Skype appointments.

There is a growing body of scientific evidence regarding the medicinal use of cannabis that describes the biochemistry and physiology of cannabinoid interactions, attests to the clinical benefits of cannabis in a variety of medical conditions, and indicates a wide safety profile further compelling empirical evidence of the positive impact of cannabis on the quality of life of many patients whose severe or disabling symptoms are not sufficiently helped by more conventional treatments.

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